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For over thirty years, Black Swan has promoted the talents of local Kentucky authors, as well as hosting nationally recognized authors, both established and upcoming.

Just as we sell through the Internet, we also offer special ordering services to our customers to provide a wider base of out-of-print and specialized titles, bindings, and publishers.

LARKSPUR PRESS– Black Swan Books has carried hand-printed books by Larkspur Press since the 1980’s because of their high quality design and craftsmanship. All of Larkspur Press books are artistically pleasing with many having woodcuts by such artists as Wesley W. Bates. The authors who have been published by Gray Zeitz at Larkspur Press are a virtual who’s who of famous Kentucky authors including Wendell Berry, Guy Davenport, Bobbie Ann Mason, Ed McClanahan, James Baker Hall, Maurice Manning and so many more as well as a handful carefully selected from other states. Everything about a Larkspur Press book is first class. All of the Larkspur Press titles are printed in very small numbers and the special editions, which are autographed by both author and artist, are generally printed in numbers fewer than sixty copies with unique bindings. 

We currently have a large number of Larkspur Press titles in stock so if you wish you may contact us directly at bswan@blackswanbooks.net  or call (859) 252-7255. Our current inventory of the special editions is also listed on-line. We accept credit cards or checks. 

Once you’ve owned a Larkspur Press book you will want to collect them all.